Innovationthe ‘Right to Repair’

the ‘Right to Repair’

The EU Parliament’s Game-Changing Move towards a ‘Right to Repair’ is empowering Consumers and the Environment. IONA very much welcomes this move since our products are all ready to comply with this law already today. We design in a way that our products are easy to repair while providing our country partners exchange parts as long as they request. Giving IONA products a 2nd life plays to our product philosophy of longest possible product lifetime and highest possible quality.

The EU Parliament has approved its position on the proposed “Right to Repair.” The initiative aims to reduce waste and encourage repairs by extending warranty periods, making repairs more affordable, and ensuring the availability of replacement parts. Approximately twelve billion euros are estimated to be lost annually by consumers opting for new products instead of repairing old ones, contributing to the massive problem of waste disposal.

The EU Parliament’s plan includes compelling sellers or manufacturers to offer free repairs during the statutory warranty period unless it is economically impractical, impossible, or inconvenient for consumers. If a product cannot be repaired, manufacturers can provide a refurbished device, and in cases of lengthy repairs, a replacement device will be provided.

The legislation covers a range of products, from heavy household appliances to smartphones, tablets, and bicycles. The access to replacement parts, instructions, and diagnostic tools will be guaranteed, and the warranty period will be extended by one year if a product is repaired. The regulation emphasizes the importance of designing products to be repair-friendly and warns against practices that hinder repairs, such as the serialization of spare parts. Consumers will have the option to repair defective items during the warranty period directly with the manufacturer or at an independent workshop.

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